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Today's Lunar Aspects
April 23, 2024

Today is Challenging  

Current time: 08:39 am GMT
Times are GMT

3:19pm - Moon enters Scorpio

7:26pm - Moon square Pluto:
A strong will is a powerful weapon. But it can be dangerous in the hands of someone who utilizes it only for their own ego gratification.

11:48pm - Moon opposite Sun:
The Full Moon brings hidden things to light, as well as bringing recent projects to a new level of fruition. Take stock of your current situation before beginning on the next phase.

The lunar aspects and Moon-sign changes give a quick read of the overall tone of the day. The exact time of each aspect shows when that trend "peaks" for the day. All times are given in GMT.

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Current Planetary Positions
April 23, 2024
08:39 am GMT

Sun: 03 Taurus 41
Moon: 26 Libra 38
Mercury: 16 Aries 11 Rx
Venus: 22 Aries 27
Mars: 24 Pisces 22
Jupiter: 22 Taurus 21
Saturn: 15 Pisces 56
Uranus: 21 Taurus 57
Neptune: 28 Pisces 42
Pluto: 02 Aquarius 05

More details...

Current Moon Phase
April 23, 2024
08:39 am GMT

Waxing Gibbous

Sun-Moon angle: 172° 57'
Aspect: No major aspect

Waxing Gibbous

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Today's Lunar Aspects displays the times for the Moon's aspects to each of the planets over the course of the current day. In addition, there is a brief interpretation of what that aspect means astrologically. This interpretation illustrates the types of energies you can expect to be present around that time. (Note that all times are given in GMT.)

Current Planetary Positions provides a real-time summary of where the planets are located in the signs of the zodiac. You can find more-detailed planetary position information at our sister site, We also provide here at our site an Ephemeris Calculator, which enables you to calculate all of the planets' positions for a month at a time for virtually any month in history.

Current Moon Phase shows the current phase of the Moon, along with the precise angle between the Sun and the Moon along the zodiac, and the name of the Sun-Moon aspect, if any.

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