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Today's Lunar Aspects
August 16, 2017

Today is Neutral  

Current time: 9:26 pm GMT
Times are GMT

8:48am - Moon square Mercury:
Emotions conflict with logic, pulling you in two directions. You're likely to speak without thinking -- and it may come back to haunt you.

12:34pm - Moon square Neptune:
Conflicting feelings cause indecisiveness. Your heart is true -- but can you hear it?

7:28pm - Moon sextile Mars:
Male-female issues work in harmony, possibly resolving recent conflicts. Feelings are easy to express.

10:34pm - Moon trine Jupiter:
Community and social activities loom large, perhaps putting you in the spotlight. Learn from those who have gone before you.

The lunar aspects and Moon-sign changes give a quick read of the overall tone of the day. The exact time of each aspect shows when that trend "peaks" for the day. All times are given in GMT.

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Current Planetary Positions
August 16, 2017
9:26 pm GMT

Sun: 24 Leo 11
Moon: 18 Gemini 42
Mercury: 10 Virgo 58 Rx
Venus: 18 Cancer 59
Mars: 17 Leo 34
Jupiter: 19 Libra 22
Saturn: 21 Sagittarius 14 Rx
Uranus: 28 Aries 27 Rx
Neptune: 13 Pisces 23 Rx
Pluto: 17 Capricorn 17 Rx

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Current Moon Phase
August 16, 2017
9:26 pm GMT

Waning Crescent

Sun-Moon angle: 294° 30'
Aspect: No major aspect

Waning Crescent

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